Various public hospitals spread across the island generate significant levels of medical waste. In 2018 HAZPRO/ CEAC Outsourcing was contracted by the MOH to remove and dispose of approximately 30,000 kgs of this waste stream.

The role of CEAC included:

  • Collection and transportation of waste
  • Documentation & record keeping of chain of custody
  • Incineration
  • Emissions monitoring and analysis to maintain environmental compliance
  • Reporting to the National Environment Planning Agency (NEPA)
  • Ash storage
  • Ash disposal
  • Provision of “certificate of completion” I.e Evidence of environmentally compliant waste management/ disposal/ treatment

More Projects

Campari (2018-2019)

As a byproduct of Campari’s manufacturing process, sludge is generated and occasionally requires specific treatment, in this case, incineration. CEAC Outsourcing undertook the role of waste management in the disposal of 60,000 kgs of hazardous waste […]

J Wray & Nephew (2017-Present)

In 2017 J Wray & Nephew contracted CEAC Outsourcing to manage their waste water treatment plant (WWTP) located on Spanish Town road, Kingston. Services to JWN include: Operations & Maintenance of WWTP Record keeping of operations […]

Ferry BPO (2017- Present)

In response to the expanding business process outsourcing industry, CEAC Outsourcing began construction of a purpose-built facility in 2018.  The 60,000 sq. ft. building is being designed to use modern energy efficient features to reduce operating […]

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