As a part of their development and expansion, Half Moon Hotel contracted CEAC Outsourcing to monitor the construction of works to be undertaken. These include:

  • Back of house building for staff quarters, canteen, and wash facility
  • Monitoring and reporting of works
  • Retroactive permitting for golf cart maintenance facility and fuel tanks
  • Permitting for LPG tanks
  • Demolition and reconstruction of villas
  • Beach works/ filling/ creation – Monitoring of the \ importation of sand
  • Monitoring the groynes and breakwaters
  • Design overlay of service routes
  • Filling
  • Clearing
  • Grading of land to appropriate levels
  • Concrete parts and asphalt parts according to plan

More Projects

Jamaica North South Highway

In 2015 CEAC Outsourcing was contracted by the Jamaica North South Highway company to provide staffing solutions for the operation and maintenance of the Highway.  To date, we manage approximately 60% of the staff between Caymanas […]

Ministry of Health (2018)

Various public hospitals spread across the island generate significant levels of medical waste. In 2018 HAZPRO/ CEAC Outsourcing was contracted by the MOH to remove and dispose of approximately 30,000 kgs of this waste stream. The […]

LS Duhaney (2016-Present)

Human resource management is provided by way of staffing services to manage wholesale and retail operations of their business. Categories of employees provided include: Warehouse clerks Drivers, & Labourers 

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