Specializing in ships husbandry, crew handling, and marine survey services, CEAC Outsourcing delivers tailored solutions to optimize your maritime operations. With a steadfast commitment to precision and compliance, we ensure smooth sailing at every port of call.

Particulars of C Mover and C Survey
• Length: 38.3 Ft.
• Breadth: 14 Ft.
• Depth/Draft: 6 Ft.
• GRT: 16
• Main Engine: Detroit Deisel 6-71N
• Rated HP: 250
• Navigation: Radar, Mag Compass, DSC UM 380, Foruno 1623, Garmen GPMAP 5405
• Safety Equipment: 16-man life raft, Solas life vests & flares


Vessel Rental
Our vessels are available for Bareboat Charter or Crewed Charter.

Marine Surveys
Dive into precision with our Marine Survey division – Utilizing advanced technology and expertise, we provide:
• Hydrographic surveys
• Bathymetric surveys
• Multi-beam surveys

Crew Handling and Staffing
Welcome to our Crew Handling and Staffing division – where maritime expertise meets unparalleled service. From sourcing skilled personnel to seamless crew management, we ensure your vessels operate smoothly. We provide:
• On-signers and off-signers
• Hotel booking
• Shore passes
• Travel arrangements

Ships Husbandry
Welcome to our Ships Husbandry division, dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to ensure your vessel remains seaworthy and operational. We provide:
• Spares parts clearance and delivery
• Supplies of lubricants and chemicals
• Provisions and fresh water/food
• Inward / outward clearance of Ships
• Communication & liaison assistance

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