CEAC will filter through our database of thousands of applicants to find the right fit for your organization based on the parameters you provide.

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Payroll Management

Although payroll management can be a tedious task, it is necessary for the management of your finances and employee wellbeing/moral.

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Psychometric Administration & Reporting

Choosing a candidate with the right qualifications is only the tip of the iceberg! It’s important to ensure that they are mentally prepared and qualified for the tasks at hand. Our specialized team of human resource managers, and psychologists will administer psychometric testing specific to your industry and the applicants job description. The results from this will be provided to your organization with our recommendations to help you make the best decisions possible. 

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Employee Management

Employee performance is critical to the success of your organization, however, more importantly is the ability to provide the right conditions that will foster engagement from your staff. Not only will this help you achieve the larger goals of the organization, but it will help your employees to be happier and provide their best work.”

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