Human resource management is provided by way of staffing services to manage wholesale and retail operations of their business.

  • Categories of employees provided include:
    • Warehouse clerks
      • Drivers, &
      • Labourers 

More Projects

Campari (2018-2019)

As a byproduct of Campari’s manufacturing process, sludge is generated and occasionally requires specific treatment, in this case, incineration. CEAC Outsourcing undertook the role of waste management in the disposal of 60,000 kgs of hazardous waste […]

NFE Golar Artic

New Fortress Energy contracted CEAC Outsourcing/HAZPRO to dispose of Annex V (food waste) aboard a LNG tanker vessel stationed a few miles off of Jamaica’s south coast. Due to local regulations, international food waste must be […]

Half Moon Hotel (2016- 2019)

As a part of their development and expansion, Half Moon Hotel contracted CEAC Outsourcing to monitor the construction of works to be undertaken. These include: Back of house building for staff quarters, canteen, and wash facility […]

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