LS Duhaney (2016-Present)

Human resource management is provided by way of staffing services to manage wholesale and retail operations of their business.

  • Categories of employees provided include:
    • Warehouse clerks
      • Drivers, &
      • Labourers 

Jamaica North South Highway

In 2015 CEAC Outsourcing was contracted by the Jamaica North South Highway company to provide staffing solutions for the operation and maintenance of the Highway.  To date, we manage approximately 60% of the staff between Caymanas and the St. Ann toll stations.

The role of CEAC Outsourcing includes:

  • The development and maintenance of a job bank with various positions required by JNSHC
  • Provision of shortlisted candidates and their relevant qualifications to fill job vacancy’s
  • To submit job descriptions, medical certificates, and police reports for candidates
  • Calculate all payments due to assigned workers and deliver payroll information
  • To settle all payments to assigned workers in a timely manor
  • To prepare and deliver pay slips to all assigned workers

To provide reporting to JNSHC on:

  • Staff motivation and engagement activities
  • Worker feedback
  • Time clock information
  • Prospective development plans
  • Transferred workers
  • Assigned workers
  • New workers
  • Tardiness and absences of workers
  • Performance of workers
  • Resignation information
  • Promotion information