Half Moon Hotel (2016- 2019)

As a part of their development and expansion, Half Moon Hotel contracted CEAC Outsourcing to monitor the construction of works to be undertaken. These include:

  • Back of house building for staff quarters, canteen, and wash facility
  • Monitoring and reporting of works
  • Retroactive permitting for golf cart maintenance facility and fuel tanks
  • Permitting for LPG tanks
  • Demolition and reconstruction of villas
  • Beach works/ filling/ creation – Monitoring of the \ importation of sand
  • Monitoring the groynes and breakwaters
  • Design overlay of service routes
  • Filling
  • Clearing
  • Grading of land to appropriate levels
  • Concrete parts and asphalt parts according to plan

J Wray & Nephew (2017-Present)

In 2017 J Wray & Nephew contracted CEAC Outsourcing to manage their waste water treatment plant (WWTP) located on Spanish Town road, Kingston.

Services to JWN include:

  • Operations & Maintenance of WWTP
  • Record keeping of operations
  • Sampling & analysis of influent and effluent waste streams
  • Corrective & risk-based analysis of waste flows
  • Emergency response
  • Reporting to the National Environment Planning Agency (NEPA)
  • Provision and maintenance of testing and sampling equipment
  • Solids removal & hauling
  • Project support to JWN
  • Supply of staff – Trained to Ministry of Health & Scientific Research Council Standards pertaining to waste water treatment