How To Win Over A Potential Employer


Apply for jobs which you qualify for

Many times we receive applications from candidates that don’t match job descriptions they’re applying for. With hundreds of candidates in some cases, each resume gets no more than a 30 second initial review. When candidate experience and application position don’t line up, chances are the HR/hiring officer wont even read the resume. The best thing to do is to quickly qualify yourself because the employer won’t have time to do that for you.Write a targeted letter for the position which you are applying for It’s truly amazing how many candidates wish to “utilize their skills in a challenging work environment”. Customization counts in this area. Take some time to do some research about the company you’re applying

Target your cover letter to the job

Your cover letter (CV) is most likely the first bit of communication you will have with a hiring officer. Take this moment to introduce yourself and a little bit of your personality. In this case, again ensure that your CV is customized to the job of which you are applying. Specifically mention the position and how you plan on adding value to the organization.

It should go without saying, however please spell correctly. If you want to stand out visually, try and incorporate a degree of creativity on the document itself.

Lead with your strengths 

In distinguishing yourself from dozens of other applicants make sure to include your background and experience and explain how it is relevant to the position you’re seeking. If you’re just leaving university, lead with your education & degree while letting the potential employer know what clubs/associations you might have been apart of.

Avoid “notice me” calls

After resume submissions, we receive calls that act as a ‘follow up’ to confirm if we have received that specific resume. Please don’t have a potential employer filter through these applications just so they can notice you. More times than not, these followups categorize the candidate as difficult .

When you submit your resume, wait for the hiring officer to call you. If you don’t receive a call, chances are you did not make the shortlist.

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